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Photographs Section (Original 2 or 3 Megapixel Image files)

Welcome to my Photographs section! I am a self professed photography freak who really loves taking pictures!

Note that most of the links on this page, marked with a [p], require a username/password to authenticate before you can view the pictures. This is mainly to avoid search bots from clogging up our institutional network, and also to keep our photos safe from random Internet freaks.

If you'd like a username and password, feel free to send us a note using our contact information; I am pretty open to giving out a username, especially if we know you!

Important Note: This webpage used to be s a replica of our Pictures Section and still is upto an extent; the difference being that this webpage has links to original images (2 or 3 mega-pixel i.e. reasonably large filesizes) -- not recommended for slow-speed internet users!
However, from November 2006, I've been using JAlbum to generate my photo webpages, and so I do not update this page any more!

Nature - fall, spring colors, etc.

A really small list of snaps I took in the April 2006
A few pictures from the winter of 2005-06
Fall Colors 2005
Snaps I took in the October/November 2005
Few pics from Spring of 2005 around Bloomington
Random pics in an attempt to capture winter in Bloomington (Nov 2004 - March 2004)
Fall Colors 2004
Nice snaps I took in the second half of October 2004
Another full_moon_evening
Another fantastic full moon day in B'town after I'd moved to Basswood Circle (Sep 27 2004)
Fantastic full moon day in B'town, when I stayed at Henderson street (June 01 2004)
Some awesome (in my view!) pics of Bloomington springing back to life (Mar - Apr 2004)
Very nice start to the first day of Spring'04 semester (Jan 12 2004)
Fall Colors 2003
These are really nice snaps I took in the last week of October
Some really nice spring(ing back to life) snaps taken in B'town, IN (Apr 2003). It was still a wee bit cold!
Random snow snaps taken in Bloomington, IN (Feb 25th 2003)

Dinners, parties and the like.

Friends and Buddies in B'town

Snaps we took when Joe came over to our place for lunch along with his kids; Sriram and SR completed the gang along with Lavanya and yours truly (Oct 15 2006).
Pictures from the small send-off get-together we had for Ram and Gayathri, who were leaving for India (July 18 2006)
Pictures from the pot-luck dinner we had in our apartment complex (July 01 2006)
Pictures from the American-Indian fusion dinner we had at Matt's place (June 24 2006)
Pictures from a small get together we had to celebrate the birthdays of Lavanya and Pat (May 27 2006)
Snaps I took when Kristy & Dave came over to our place for lunch with li'l Megan (March 30 2006)
Pictures I took when Penny and Don came over for lunch, with Katie and Wally (February 04 2006)
Pictures I took when I went to Joe Jachim's place for Thanksgiving dinner (November 24 2005)
Pictures from a pongal dinner a bunch of us had at Yogesh's place (Jan 16 2004)
Bunch of pictures taken at various times when the research group, I was part of, got together for lunch/dinner/etc.
Snaps I took when I went to Pat's place for dinner just after the spring (2003) semester got over. (May 13, 2003)

Logan's birthday parties!

Logan's third birthday party (Oct 16 2005)
Logan on his second birthday (Oct 10th 2004)
First birthdays are special, aren't they? Cute li'l Logan... (Oct 2003)

Snaps from my vacation trips, and some other personal stuff

Pictures from our winter vacation in Florida (Dec 27 2006 - Jan 02 2007)
Pictures from our vacation to Tampa, FL (Nov 09-16 2006)
Harish Visit Sep_06
Snaps we took when Harish visited us, and we drove to Chicago for a day (Sep 01-04 2006)
Lavanya Graduation_Dec '05
Pics from Lavanya's graduation ceremony (Dec 09 2005)
Snaps I took at SC|05, held at Seattle (Nov 12-19 2005)
IU HomeComing 2005
Pics from IU's homecoming parade (Oct 07 2005)
Snaps from my trip to Boston (Oct 02-04 2005)
Pics from the HPC @ IU workshop I lead in fall'2005 (September 09 2005)
Snaps from my trip up to Chicago (June 26-30 2005)
Pictures from my trip down to Austin, TX (April 03-06 2005)
Pics from my rather short trip to Orlando, FL with Pat et al (Mar 11-14 2005)
Snaps I took at Green Bay, WI when I visited Babu, Rupa, Rohit and cute li'l Ritvik (Feb 25-27 2005)
My_second car
Pictures of my new car, a 2002 Mitsubishi Gallant.

India Trip (Jan 2005)

    A bunch of us from college days got back together for dinner
    Snaps from the dinner we had to celebrate my grand-dad's 80th birthday
    Pics I took at Harish's place.
    Pictures of friends who dropped by my place.
    Little Anu!.
Snaps I took at SC '04, held at Pittsburg (Nov 06-12 2004)
Pictures from my trip to Connecticut to visit Harish and Karpoor (Oct 01-03 2004)
Pictures I took on my trips to La Jolla, San Diego and Gaithersburg, Maryland (Sep 13-21 2004)
Snaps from my trip to Bar Harbor, Maine (July 22-25 2004)
As the name suggests! .... (Last updated: Jun 05 2004)
Pictures from my trip down south this winter break (Dec 30 2003 - Jan 04 2004)
A huge collection of snaps I took on my vacation to London and Scotland over the summer
Pictures taken on my California Trip (June 2003)
Snaps taken during my Winter Break trip to Baton Rouge-Louisiana, Houston and DC-Maryland (Dec 2002)

Recently Added...

(Dec/Jan 2006/07).
(Nov 2006).
(Oct 2006).
Harish Visit Sep_06
(Sep 2006)
(July 2006)
ApartmentComplex...Jul2006   (July 2006)
MattAllenDinner_Jun2006   (June 2006)
TimmersLunch_Feb2006   (Feb 2006 - published really late!)
ThanksgivingAt...Nov2005   (Nov 2005 - published really late!)
AG_HPC_Work...Sep2005   (Sep 2005 - published really late!)
Bloomington_Spring_2005   (April 2005 - published really late!)
LavPatBirthday_May2006   (May 2006)
Bloomington_Spring_2006   (April 2006)
KristyDaveMegan_Mar2006    (March 2006)
Winter_2005_06   (Dec'05/Jan'06
Lavanya Grad...Dec '05   (Dec 09 2005)
Fall Colors 2005
  (Oct/Nov 2005)
Super Computing '05
  (Nov 2005)
Logan's birthday party
  (Oct 2005)
IU HomeComing 2005
  (Oct 2005)
  (Oct 02-04 2005)
  (June 26-30 2005)
  (April 03-06 2005)
  (Mar 11-14 2005)
  (Feb 25-27 2005)

Brief History of AG's Journey in Photography

Like I said, I am quite passionate about photography - be it of nature or people. Some info about the cameras I've used so far ...

2002/10/01: Bought a Canon A10! A beginner's camera in every sense.

2003/07/20: Bought a Canon A60 - definitely a better camera compared to my old A10, which I gave to my dad :-)

2004/10/01: After I got my new Canon A 60 (gave my Canon A10 to dad) I was able to take even better pictures because of the excellent features it offers. It was an awesome camera for a start; low budget too at < $ 250 $ 150. Update June 2004: If it's not obvious, yeah I lost my little A60 -- it got drenched in water when I fell out of a boat :-(.

2004/06/12: AG's Canon A60 R.I.P.

2004/07/01: Now I need a new camera -- shall buy one soon .. Thinking of a Canon S1. Stay tuned!

2004/07/26: Used Anshul's Kodak digicam on my trip to Bar Harbor, ME. Managed some decent pics given that fact the camera was fully automatic with no manual functionality.

2004/10/14: Bought a Canon S1 IS -- 3.2 Megapixel and more importantly 10x optical zoom + usual good stuff (Sep 10th or so, 2004). It's very nice, got some beautiful full-moon snaps which is linked off this page.

2006/10: Bought a Hoya Circular Polarizing filter for my S1. Has helped me take better pictures, especially of fall and spring colors .. foliage and such.