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Tutoring (High school math, etc.)

I am used to be -- and would in the future like to go back to being -- part of a group which does tutoring for middle/high school kids -- mainly Math and occasionally Physics and Chemistry -- at the McDonalds on the West side of town (Wednesdays, 7-9 PM Eastern Time) or the Monroe County Public Library (Mondays, 7-9 PM Eastern time). Drop me a line if you live in Bloomington, are interested in joining this group, and would like more information.

Community Partners in Reading (CPR)

The Monroe County Public school system runs a program named Community Partners in Reading that helps slightly-lagging-behind 2nd-graders in learning to read. L and I did this in spring 2008, and found it to be a lot of fun ... we got quite attached to the two kids we were partnered with :). Go check out the MCCSC CPR website linked above!