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Tweak Windows XP services

If you don't have the patience to go through the links, then may be you can try the following suggestions: (I've done the dirty work already and a bit more!):

Go to ``Services" control panel applet:

 Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services 

Once you are in the services window -- use your mouse to double-click on a particular service and then select an appropriate service startup type (Automatic/Manual/Disabled). Don't forget to click 'Apply'!

Service nameSuggested stateHow do I have it?
Computer BrowserDisabled (Manual for the paranoid)Disabled
Distr Link Tracking Client Disabled unless you have some funky network.Disabled
Help and Support Manual if you use 'Help' everynow n then/Disabled o/wDisabled
Portable Media serial Number Disabled*Disabled
Task Scheduler Disabled (unless you use it schedule disk scans and stuff like thatDisabled
Themes Manual/Disabled2Disabled
Wireless Zero Config Disabled on desktops (you don't use wireless, do you?Disabled on desktop.
Automatic on my laptop
Fast user Switching Disabled. Manual if you do use multiple usersDisabled
(the only user for me is 'a')
Network Connections Disabled if you do NOT have a ethernet network. Automatic if you do!Automatic
Alerter Manual. Disabled if you are not paranoidDisabled
Auto Update Umm no suggestions 1Manual
Messenger Disabled* againDisabled
Secondary Logon Disabled (Manual if you plan to have multiple users login in funky ways)Disabled
Error reporting service Manual. Disabled if you wishDisabled
Symantec Antivirus Client Automatic if you get lot of attachments/downloads. Manual o/wManual
Added 2005/01/24
WMDM PMSP Disabled; Manual if Windows Media player causes problems for youDisabled
Application Layer Gateway Disabled if using SP2; Manual if using SP1Disabled
Network Location Awareness (NLA)Disabled if SP2; Or manual just in caseManual
TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper...DisabledDiabled

* WTF ??? Well that was the reaction I had when I saw this the first time. My favorite. Disable with your eyes closed. My other favorite is 'Messenger' -- what a misleading name?!
1 I like to have this under my control, manual... No more automatic cure-all patches. I know how SP4 screwed up Win2K.
2 I dont like to decorate my desktop with pink background, yellow font and scary sounds when I log on. I just have a default sound DING.

Locking workstations running XP

As it turns out it's as easy as "Windows key + L" !! (Here is the source of this information.)