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Reports and such

SeqClusMerge: A Fragment Sequence Cluster Merging Framework - Bioinformatics thesis work

Bioinformatics Class Project Reports

Computer Science Class Project Reports

Presentations and such

You will find slideshow files for presentations I have made or participated in, on this page.

Note: If you'd like to create PDF documents using Latex, you might find the following link useful: Hints on Using Latex to produce PDF - Sean Eddy.

Classes I took at IU

Fall 2001

P565 - Software Engineering I
B561 - Advanced Database Systems
P536 - Advanced Operating Systems

Spring 2002

P566 - Software Engineering II
A594 - Data Structures
B543 - Computer Architecture

Summer 2002

A591 - Scheme Programming (Auditted this class)
E168 - Beginner's Swimming
L101 - Beginner's Guitar Class

Fall 2002

B551 - Elements of Artificial
B665 - Software Engineering
            Management I
Y790 - Independent Study
            (Dr. Dennis Groth)
E181 - Beginner's Tennis Class

Spring 2003

B503 - Analysis of Algorithms
B665 - Software Engineering Management II
L519 - Bio-Informatics - Theory and Application
Y790 - Independent Study (Dr. Dennis Groth)

Fall 2003

I590 - High Performance Data Management & Processing
L529 - Bioinformatics in Molecular Biology
& Genetics: Practical Applications
I501 - Introduction to Informatics (required)

Spring 2004

Z620 - Introduction to Genomics
I692 - Masters Thesis (3 credits)
I502Information Management (required)

Summer 2004

I692 - Masters Thesis (3 credits)